Best Survival Shovel

5 Best Survival Shovels

The right survival shovel is one of those essential tools that can make your outdoor trip an adventure much better. There is a lot you can do with a survival shovel, depending on the features of the device that you decide to use. 

With a good shovel, you can set and unset a camp, use it for support when ascending rough surfaces, open up cans, handle the fire, and more. It is a great survival tool that you should carry on your next outdoor adventure. It’s important to opt for the best survival shovel you can find.

Best Survival Shovel

In this buying guide, we have made a list of the top-ranking shovels to help you choose the best one for your needs. Here is a quick look at what we have.

10 in 1 Utility Folding Shovel Spade

This is a great tool that will give your outdoor adventure an oomph. With it, you get fire sticks that you can use to make fire, a military knife that you can use for cutting, a barbeque fork – plus the shovel can still serve a bottle opening function.

As the name suggests, this is a multifunction shovel. It can serve as the function of a knife, saw, ax, pick, and shovel. It also comes with a whistle, hammer, screwdriver, and built-in handle attack cone. That means that you can use it for self-defense in a pinch as well.

The shovel has been made from high-quality, high carbon stainless steel, which is very durable and rust-free. The shovel has very sharp edges with a sawtooth that can be used for chopping. The shovelhead can be polished manually with oxidation treatment.

The shovel has been made with a folding design to make it portable. The handle of the shovel is made of a non-slip design and an aluminum alloy material.

Product Description

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Size: 18cm x 18cm x 4.5cm
  • Shovel size: 14cm x 11cm x 0.2cm
  • Total Shovel length: 63cm
  • Hoe size: 11.5cm x 2cm
  • Total hoe length: 59cm
  • Weight: 990g / 34.9 ounces
  • Shipping weight: 2.2 pounds
  • What’s included in the package: Emergency hammer, non-slip handle, extension rod, fish phosphorus knife, whistle, magnesium rod, shovel board, storage bag


  • You get lots of tools in a small package that’s convenient to carry
  • Made from high carbon stainless steel
  • It has a non-slip handle
  • The shovel is multifunctional


  • Some users complained of the bag that it comes with not being great
  • Some users complained that the shovel did not last long before it broke


Best Panda Folding Survival Shovel

The Best Panda Folding Survival Shovel comes as a multifunction shovel kit. There are a variety of things you can do, such as snow excavation, scoops, saws, picks, bottle opening, whistling, fire lighting, knife, hammer, nail pullover, etc.

The shovel is the military folding type that is made of a high strength manganese steel alloy. The quality material is also rustproof. It has a non-slip handle to make it comfortable to use.

The shovel is compact in size, and it comes with a storage bag. You can adjust the shovel into 3 different shovel lengths with a screw locking device to hold it at a certain length. It can be adjusted to 43cm, 60cm, or 75cm.

The spade can be used at different angles as either hook, hoe, or shovel. Upon purchasing it, you get a 1-month money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

Product Description

  • Material: High-Alloy Manganese Steel
  • Length: 41-76cm
  • Head Size: 16 x 12.5cm
  • Weight: 1.05kg/37 ounces
  • Shipping weight: 2.2 pounds


  • It has been made from high strength manganese steel alloy
  • It is rustproof
  • It has a non-slip handle
  • It is foldable and compact
  • It can be adjusted to three different lengths for more convenience
  • Upon purchase, you get a 1-year warranty


  • The spade can only go up to a 180 degrees angle


Lepfun FS019 Tactical Camping Folding Shovel

The Lepfun FS019 is an all in one toolset that you should carry along to your next outdoor adventure. The shovel can function as a saw, trowel, trenching tool, screwdriver, hammer, and more. It also has a built-in compass, flint fire starter, rescue whistle, and wrench.

It is versatile, as it features an instant switch that can help you in any situation. It is also lightweight and easy to carry. It has a length of 101cm when it is fully assembled. The shovelhead has a maximum diameter of 20.5cm.

The shovel is suitable for different outdoor settings. When you purchase it, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Product Description

  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Item Weight: 3.31 pounds/52.96 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 3.8 pounds


  • It has an aluminum alloy body that is rustproof
  • It has an instant switch for more convenience
  • It has multifunctionality with built-in compass, flint, cutter, whistle, etc.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • The shovel is not foldable
  • It is not easy to adjust to different lengths


ANTARCTICA Military Folding Shovel

The ANTARCTICA Military Folding Shovel is a foldable compact multitool that you can use in different outdoor activities. It is foldable and compact, making it easy to carry.

The shovel features a hidden rescue knife, saw, emergency whistle, fire starter, bottle opener, and more. The shovel can be used for different outdoor activities like digging, cutting, scooping, and glass breaking.

The magnesium rod is removable and can be replaced after use. The protective cone is detachable and can be used for breaking windows, and there’s a screwdriver and whistle when you are faced with an emergency.

The handle is both non-slip and sweatproof for more comfort and ergonomic when you are using the shovel. The shovel is made of high carbon steel and aviation aluminum alloy, which are both high quality and durable.

Purchasing the product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Product Description

  • Material: Magnesium rod and high carbon steel knife
  • Shipping weight: 2.4 pounds/38.4 ounces


  • It is foldable and compact, making it easy to carry
  • It is a multitool that can serve different purposes
  • It is made from high-quality material
  • It has been made with a non-slip and sweatproof handle for greater comfort
  • The shovelhead can be adjusted in 5 angles


  • The knife handle is made of plastic
  • Some users found it to be smaller than expected


Zune Lotoo Annihilate Tactical Shovel

The Zune Lotoo Annihilate Tactical Shovel is a military multifunctional shovel. It is made from high carbon stainless steel material that is very durable. It is constructed from one mold using heat, making it virtually unbreakable. You will not find a weak part or a weld part that is susceptible to breakage. 

Its construction features a 10mm joint that makes the shovelhead three times stronger than regular shovelheads. It has two extension tubes of a light gray color.

The Zune Lotoo shovelhead can be adjusted by just one button. You can lock and unlock it in a split of a second.

The shovelhead is adjustable at 6 angles for more convenience. It can be adjusted at 30°,45°,60°,115°,135°, and 180°.

You can find more than 23 tools in just one multitool that can help you in different survival settings. The shovel is foldable and compact. It has 5 handles, and it can be assembled to make a size of 36 inches.

Product Description

  • Shovel Material: Martensitic Stainless steel (17-4)
  • Handle Material: Aviation Aluminum (6061)
  • Color: Gun-Grey
  • Gross Weight: 4.0 pounds; Net Weight: 3.3 pounds/52.8 ounces
  • Original Assemble Length: 62cm/24.4 in
  • With an extension tube Length: 76cm/29.9 in
  • Head Size: 20cm/7.9in x 14.5cm/5.7in
  • What’s included in the package: 1 shovel surface, 3 handles, 1 camping knife, 1 fire starter (Magnesium rod), 1 camera support, 1 survival whistle, 1 rope
  • Gift: 1 wire saw, 1 fish fork, 2 extension tube


  • Made from a high-quality, durable material
  • It is foldable and compact
  • It has 10mm joints that make it unbreakable
  • The shovelhead can be adjusted to 6 angles
  • It is a multitool
  • It has a comfortable handle


  • The twist on the shovelhead does not come with a lock, and may be inconvenient when you are using the shovel


Buyer’s Guide

All the above picks are great shovels that you can use in a survival setting. The right choice will depend on what you are looking for. From this list of quality shovels, it may be hard to decide which one to settle on. In this part of the guide, we hope to make it easier for you to decide by focusing on some specifics.

Most Durable Shovelhead

The Zune Lotoo Annihilate Tactical Shovel has been heat-treated, which makes it unbreakable. It is always better, if possible, to go for the heat-treated varieties as they are more rugged and durable. It has 10mm joints, which make it sturdier and more durable.

Most Lightweight

Weight is an important consideration when you are looking for a survival shovel. Among the shovels that we have reviewed, the most lightweight is the 10 in 1 Utility Folding shovel spade, which weighs only 34.9 ounces.

Most Budget-friendly

When we compare prices, the 10 in 1 Utility Folding shovel spade is your best choice, as it only retails at $25.99, making it cheaper comparatively.

Our Overall Recommendation

As much as we recommend all the shovels that we have reviewed, our top recommendation is the 10 in 1 Utility Folding shovel spade. It has great features, comes with many tools, is lightweight, and retails at only $25.99, giving you excellent value for money.

Even though we may have our recommendations, it is also important to know how to choose a survival shovel. Some of the factors to keep in mind when buying a survival shovel include:


How do you plan to use the shovel? This is the main question that you should have in mind when you are shopping for a shovel. Once you define how you plan to use it, then you can choose a shovel accordingly, since shovels have different uses. Some offer greater multifunctionality than others.


This is one of the most important tools that you will use, and is the main reason you are looking for a shovel. You should consider the durability of the shovelhead, which is influenced by the type of material used. The best one should be heat treated. The shovelhead material will also determine how often it will need to be sharpened.


Even though most survival shovels have a folding handle, not all of them do. A folding handle makes it more compact and lightweight. Regardless of what you settle on, the handle needs to be comfortable and non-slip.

Size of the Shovel

Normally, survival shovels tend to be smaller than the regular shovels. They are made smaller so that they are more portable. If portability is not an issue, you can go for a shovel as big as you want.


A good portable shovel should not be as heavy. The weight is normally influenced by the type of material used.

Extra Tools

Most survival shovels come as a multitool with a variety of extra tools incorporated. It is, therefore, important to know the tools included. The more the tools, the more convenient it will be for you.


By checking user reviews, you will know the experience other customers had with the product before committing to buy.


Survival shovels have a military history, and that is why you will find that they have a military name in it. It is meant for different outdoor activities and is recommended for any outdoor enthusiast. The best part is that you can find many other tools in just one package, which will make all the difference in your outdoor activities.